October 25, 2023

POS Checkout update affecting shipping lines

POS checkout infrastructure has been updated and as a result, there is a change to the display of shipping methods for POS orders. "Retail - no shipping required" will now be displayed as a shipping method for POS orders. Previously, a shipping line was not assigned to POS orders.

New shipping line

This change may potentially require workflow updates for shops who have integrations that rely on the presence or absence of a shipping line, or those who use shipping line information as input for other systems. For example: if you are using a third-party fulfillment integration that automatically fulfills orders based on the presence of a shipping line, your workflow should be updated so that automatic fulfillment does not happen if the shipping line is "Retail - no shipping required".

If your shop has an integration that may use the shipping line, please reach out to your third-party provider to discuss possible workflow changes.

Contact Shopify Support if you have additional questions about this change or require additional help.