April 25, 2024

Checkout shipping orders in the cart

New improvements to the Ship to customer workflow support making changes to shipping orders in the cart without losing in-progress information.

Previously, when building a Ship to customer order, staff entered into a shipping order and could not edit or exit the cart until the purchase was completed. This prevented staff from updating customer details or adjusting product items and quantities.

With this update, the Ship to customer workflow is now fully integrated with the cart. This means, when products are added to the cart and shipping is chosen as the fulfillment method, staff are required to add customer information, customer shipping address, and shipping method selection. Adding a customer to a Ship to customer order has now moved to the top of the cart, rather than accessing a Smart grid tile.

When adding an existing customer with addresses on file, staff can select the customers preferred address from the available list by tapping “Add Shipping Address”. New customers' addresses are automatically filled in when all address information is added to their customer profile. If staff have the Ship to customer permission, but do not have permission to Add customers or Manage customers permissions, they will still be able to add a customer when checking out a shipping order. This is the only instance where add and manage customer permissions will be overridden.

When selecting the shipping method, the best shipping rate is automatically selected based on the cart’s content. If staff wish to change this rate or apply a custom rate, they can do so by tapping the ‘Shipping Rate’ button. Changes to the cart's contents might invalidate the selected rate unless a custom rate was provided. Staff will be notified with a dialog prompt about changes to the selected rate if the price of the cheapest available rate is higher than the previously selected.

If staff proceed to checkout with incomplete customer information, a validation error screen will display listing the missing information required for checkout.

Learn more about ship to customer in the Help center.