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European Union merchants need to provide their VAT number

Merchants in the European Union are being asked to submit or verify their VAT number, or let Shopify know that they don't have a VAT number. Account owners who are affected by this change will receive an email from Shopify. The European Union requires VAT registrants to provide their VAT numbers to Shopify, and requires Shopify to collect VAT numbers.

Browse a library of workflow templates in Shopify Flow

Introducing a simpler way for Shopify Plus merchants to automate their business with Flow. Templates are sample workflows that you can use right away or customize for your store. Find the most popular workflows in a template library that's organized by business area.

Templates make it easy to automate your business so you spend less time building workflows. Get started by visiting the Templates tab in Flow.

Grant access to the marketing tools your staff members need 📣

You can now control access to the Marketing and Discount sections of your Shopify admin.

Give the right permissions to the right people

Give your marketers the Marketing permission and let them create new campaigns and view past campaigns. Give your customer service reps the Discounts permission and let them create and manage discounts.

You can manage these permissions in the Accounts section of your admin. Learn more about using permissions in the Help Center.

Sell in multiple currencies with Shopify Payments on Shopify Plus

Sell globally in up to 9 currencies and get paid in your local currency all on a single store!

Selling in multiple currencies is now available for Shopify Plus stores using Shopify Payments, for all of the countries where Shopify Payments is available.

Learn more about multi-currency from the Shopify Help Center.

0% VAT on Shopify Payments fees in Germany and Spain

Shopify Payments merchants in Germany and Spain will begin seeing 0% VAT on their Shopify Payments fees starting on their February invoice. The fees are subject to the reverse charge. Merchants will need to account for the VAT in their country. The Shopify Payments Terms of Service will be updated to reflect this change. Account owners who are affected by this change will receive a notification from Shopify. Merchants will need to verify their VAT number with Shopify as a part of this change.

USPS on Shopify Shipping now has the lowest rates and more options

Shopify Shipping offers the lowest USPS shipping rates available anywhere and access to two additional mail classes.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Priority Mail Cubic pricing is available to merchants on the Shopify and Advanced plans. Cubic pricing is a deeply discounted rate for shipping small packages weighing up to 20 lbs. Save up to 90% off retail Priority Mail costs. This is a great incentive to offer free expedited shipping to customers.

  • Shopify continues to offer First-Class Package International Service (FCPIS) at 2018 rates instead of 2019 rates. You get up to 21% off retail shipping costs when you ship internationally. These are the lowest FCPIS rate available anywhere.

  • Parcel Select Ground and Media Mail have been added as shipping methods. These are low-cost options for shipping packages that aren’t in a hurry. Include these methods to build a free shipping strategy for your store.

Learn more about these updates and see how much it costs to ship with USPS on Shopify using the Shopify Shipping calculator.

It’s now easier to switch between Shopify Plus stores 🔀

We’ve just released a simpler way for you to navigate between your Shopify Plus stores. Now, when you log in to your Shopify admin, you will see a new dropdown menu in the upper left corner. This dropdown contains all the Shopify Plus stores where you have an account with the same email address (account name). The stores are grouped in the dropdown by business (based on your Shopify contracts). Clicking on a store name will bring you to that store’s admin.

To help make your stores more secure, your email address (as well as those of your staff) should be verified. When your email is verified, then you can switch to your other stores without being prompted for your passwords. If your email is not verified, then you will be asked for your password.

Learn more about the dropdown at the Shopify Help Center.

Let your wholesale customers mix and match variants with volume pricing by product 🛍️

Introducing a new pricing strategy for the Shopify Plus wholesale channel that lets wholesale customers order the products they want!

Volume pricing by product allows your wholesale customers to mix and match product variants to meet your store's wholesale pricing requirements. When you set up volume pricing by product, the minimum order quantity, maximum order quantity, and volume is calculated based on the total quantity of all of the variants for each product. You can still choose offer pricing based on the specific quantity of individual variants in an order, too.

Learn More about wholesale pricing from the Shopify Help Center.

Create marketing campaigns with a goal in mind

Now, when you create a marketing campaign in Shopify, you can base your campaign on a goal instead of starting a campaign at the same time as a specific marketing activity.

By thinking of a goal or objective before starting a marketing activity, you can more easily plan for and organize the marketing activities that you create on Shopify.

Learn more about marketing campaigns from the Shopify Help Center.

Ecommerce University Forums have moved to Shopify Community

Visit Shopify Community to engage in meaningful conversations with other Shopify merchants and partners. Use new features like accepted solutions, search subscriptions, and private messaging. Register and join the conversation at Shopify Community!

Canadian sales taxes just got simpler 🇨🇦

Tax calculation is challenging, and mistakes impact your operations and customers, and can also make you vulnerable to penalties. Now, worry less about your Canadian sales taxes with automated rate updates and registration-based sales tax collection.

Automated rate updates

Never track sales tax rate changes in Canada again! Shopify will handle this from now on - GST, PST, HST - all automatically updated so you have up to the minute sales tax rates across Canada.

Registration-based sales tax collection

Not sure where you should be charging taxes? Check out our Canadian Sales Tax Guide. Once you’ve got an idea of where you should be charging taxes, Shopify removes the guesswork. Select the provinces you’re registered in and get going!

Learn more about setting up Canadian taxes at the Shopify Help Center.

Apple Pay Cash and Discover tap payments - Now supported in the US

Offer your customers more options to pay with tap transactions for Shopify POS.

If your store uses the the Tap, Chip, and Swipe reader in the US, then you can now accept Apple Pay Cash and Discover tap payments. Tap transactions reduce the time at checkout, making payment quick and easy.

Learn more about the Tap, Chip & Swipe Reader at the Shopify Help Center.

Grant your staff access to specific apps and channels

Control the access that your staff members have to the apps and channels in your Shopify Plus store. Now you're able to give the right user the right access - reducing the risk of mistakes.

Existing staff permissions have not changed. Users who had the old Apps setting will continue to have access to all apps. Full permissions users can modify apps and channels access for your staff members from the Account page in Shopify. Learn more about restricting app and channel access in the Help Center.

Restrict your staff members from downloading shop data

Shopify Plus merchants can now prevent select staff members from exporting store data. You are now able to grant access to areas of the admin, such as orders, without allowing staff members to export data.

Export permissions are now separate from the existing customer, product, order, and draft order permissions. Any staff that had permissions for Customer, Product or Order will still be able to export these records. If you want to prevent staff from exporting data, you need to remove the export permission from their profile.

You can manage these permissions in the Accounts section of your admin. Learn more about the new permissions in the Help Center.

Add a shipping policy to build trust with customers

Easily add your own shipping policy to your store! 64% of customers look for a shipping policy on the product page. Once you add your shipping policy, customers can view it from links on the product page, the cart, and checkout.

Learn more about adding a shipping policy at the Shopify Help Center.

Klarna Pay Later is available on Shopify Payments

Offer invoicing as a payment option to your customers. Klarna Pay Later allows customers to defer payment interest-free, at no risk to you.

Klarna Pay Later is available only to merchants in Germany using Shopify Payments.

Learn more about Klarna Pay Later for Shopify Payments from the Shopify Help Center.

In-person customers can manage their own split and partial payments using the Customer View display app

Customers can enjoy a smooth checkout, because now they can manage their split payments and partial payments using the Shopify Customer View display app. This app operates on a separate Android device that works with Shopify POS iOS, currently in beta.

Learn more about the Customer View app at the Shopify Help Center.

Create barcode labels for your products, using any printer!

You've been asking for it, and we heard you loud and clear.

Introducing a new way to assign and print barcode labels for your products. Continue to use your Dymo label printer, or take advantage of new label sheet printing with your laser or inkjet printer.

These barcodes work with your current barcode scanner, or within Shopify POS using your device's camera.

Learn more about retail barcode labels at the Shopify Help Center.

Express checkout options for customers in all languages

Your customers can check out faster using the improved Express checkout section. The express checkout is personalized to highlight the most convenient checkout method for a customer when the information can be detected.

The personalized checkout is now available for stores in all supported languages. While it's available on all Shopify plans, Plus stores will get this feature as a part of the next checkout upgrade.

Sell in your preferred currency and get paid in your local currency - Now in the US

Sell and get paid in different currencies is now available for stores using Shopify Payments in the US! Sell to customers who are in a different country than the country where your business is located, without needing to set up a separate bank account.

Selling and getting paid in different currencies is now available for all of the countries where Shopify Payments is available.

Learn more about selling and getting paid in different currencies from the Shopify Help Center.

Search endpoints are no longer indexed by crawlers

We've disabled the Online Store search endpoint from being indexed by malicious and fraudulent search queries routed through search engine crawlers, to provide greater stability for your store and admin search.

As a result, crawlers like Googlebot will no longer index pages that begin with /search. This will have no effect on product pages, collections or any other Online Store page. It also has no effect on visitors using your store's search.

Faster checkout for customers during flash sales

During the busiest times of the year, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, customers can check out faster.

When there’s high sales volume, processing payments at checkout happens separately from creating orders in your Shopify admin. Customers can check out right away, but there’s a delay before order confirmation emails send, and before you see the order in your Shopify admin.

For example, if you have a flash sale and get thousands of orders a minute, you’ll see a banner on your orders list notifying you of the delay, but you’ll be making sales normally.

This helps improve customer satisfaction with your store and increase conversion rates.

Refund POS purchases directly to gift cards

Process refunds and exchanges faster by refunding the balance directly to a gift card. Credit the balance from refunds and exchanges directly to a gift card in Shopify POS.

Learn more about refunding to gift cards in the Shopify Help Center

3D Secure available on Shopify Payments

Protect your store with 3D secure authentication, which provides an additional layer of security for online credit and debit card transactions. When you use 3D Secure with Shopify Payments, your customers need to verify their identity with their bank during checkout. After a customer’s identity is confirmed using 3D Secure, a fraudulent chargeback can’t be filed for the order.

Learn more about 3D Secure from the Shopify Help Center.

Create return labels directly from an order 🚚

Process returns more quickly by creating return labels for Shopify Shipping in your Shopify admin. No need for a separate account or additional steps.

Learn more about return labels in the Shopify Help Center.

This feature is available only for US stores on domestic orders at this time.

Improved storefront search - better results 🔍

Customers can more easily find what they're looking for using improved storefront search in English and Japanese.

The improved search applies weights to specific fields, to make matches for search terms in those fields appear higher in results. For example, we've given titles more weight than descriptions, so products with titles that match search terms are listed above those with descriptions that match.

We've also applied stemming to some fields, which reduces words to their root form. So if someone searches for "knitted sweater", a product called "knit sweater" matches, because "knit" and "knitted" have the same root form.

Learn more about storefront search at the Shopify Help Center.

Shopify Payments available in Spain

Accept credit card payments with Shopify Payments - now available in Spain! Stores in Spain can use Shopify Payments for payment processing with features like chargeback management, accelerated checkouts like Apple Pay and Shopify Pay, and payout management.

Learn more about Shopify Payments in Spain.

Venmo button available on dynamic checkout!

Customers on your store can now pay by Venmo.

Venmo appears as an accellerated payment option on your Shopify store as well as on dynamic checkout for customers that use the Venmo app. Your store needs to be in the United States and to have PayPal Express Checkout enabled for checkout, and the customer needs to have the Venmo app installed.

Learn more about dynamic checkout and Venmo from the Shopify Help Center.

Express checkout options for customers

Your customers can check out faster using the improved Express checkout section. The express checkout is personalized to highlight the most convenient checkout method for a customer when the information can be detected.

The personalized checkout is now available on English language stores, with more languages to come. While it's available on all Shopify plans, Plus stores will get this feature as a part of the next checkout upgrade.

A new design for your Shopify bill

Read and understand your bill more easily with the updated bill design!

The updated bill clarifies the total breakdown of your fees and provides direct links to charges. A new bill summary includes a payment timeline that shows how and when your bill is paid.

Learn more about Understanding your bill from the Shopify Help Center.

Product cost and profit reporting is here!

Record each product’s cost to see how they contribute to your business’s profit margin.

You can now add the Cost per item to products in your Shopify admin. If you're on the Shopify Plan or higher, then you can use three new profit margin reports and five new profit finance summaries to better understand your profit.

Developers can leverage the API to manage product cost data in third-party apps.

Learn more about adding a Cost per item, understanding the new Profit Reports, and supporting product cost using Shopify's API.

Automatic BXGY discounts 󠀤🏷️

Create discounts that apply automatically at checkout! Customers who add products eligible for your Buy X Get Y discounts to their carts see the discount applied to their orders at checkout.

Learn more about automatic buy X get Y discounts at the Shopify Help Center.

Shopify Pay is now on dynamic checkout

Returning customers who use Shopify Pay see a Buy with Shopify Pay button when they check out. This is part of our continued efforts to remove friction at checkout and to reduce abandoned carts.

Learn more about dynamic checkout and Shopify Pay at the Shopify Help Center.

Improved item refunding for orders

We've improved how you refund an order from the Shopify admin. You can now use a dedicated view to select items and process a refund. Improvements also include showing any applied discounts on items and more clearly indicating the fulfillment status of items.

Learn more about refunding an order from the Shopify Help Center.

Shopify POS app version 5.2 (iOS) and 3.2 (Android) release

This version of the Shopify POS app adds support for Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, and includes the following features:
- Scan a barcode to add products to exchanges and add information about reason for exchange.
- Add tax exemptions on line items.

App Versions
iOS: 5.2
Android 3.2

Learn more about Shopify POS from the Shopify Help Center. Download the app from the App store, or from Google Play.

Pinterest no longer supports Buyable Pins

As of October 16th, Pinterest no longer supports Buyable Pins.

If you're using the Pinterest sales channel, then no action is required. Pinterest will convert your existing Buyable Pins into Product Pins. Product Pins link directly to the product page on your online store, making it easy for Pinterest users to checkout on Shopify. You can continue to sync your Shopify products to Pinterest through the sales channel, as these will now be discoverable through search on Pinterest as Product Pins.

Learn more about the Pinterest sales channel at the Shopify Help Center.

Automate across apps with Connectors for Shopify Flow

Create automated workflows across your Shopify Plus store and apps. Connectors extend the power of Shopify Flow to the tools you use every day, eliminating many of the tasks you’re manually doing or patching together with custom code or third-party solutions.

If you have an app installed that has built a connector, the app's custom triggers and actions are available when you create a new workflow. You can start a workflow from an event triggered in one app, and end it with a task actioned in another.

Learn more about Connectors for Shopify Flow and download example workflows for your favorite apps.

Better slideshows in the latest version of Debut

Create better slideshows for your online store when you're using Shopify's free Debut theme, now with more options for images and layout. Improved settings include image cropping, text alignment, and call-to-action buttons, as well as mobile layout updates.

Learn more about the new Debut slideshow settings from our Help Center, and check out version 10.0.0 of Debut in our Theme Store.

Shopify App version 8.0 release

This version of the Shopify app adds support for Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, and includes the following features:
- Run ad campaigns directly in Shopify from the new Marketing tab.
- View permissions, charges, and privacy policies for your apps within app details.

App Versions
iOS: 8.1.0
Android 8.0.0

Learn more about the Shopify app from the Shopify Help Center. Download the app from the App store, or from Google Play.

A home for Shopify Capital in your admin

Access your Shopify Capital information from the Settings page in your Shopify admin. Previously, you could access Shopify Capital only with a direct link or by viewing your Home page analytics. Now, you can see the Capital section from the Settings page if you are at any of the stages of funding:

  • You have an open offer.
  • You're waiting for approval.
  • You have active financing.
  • You've repaid the full amount.

Learn more about Shopify Capital from the Shopify Help Center.

Fulfill orders with peace of mind using Fraud Protect

Activate Fraud Protect for Shopify payments to protect eligible orders against fraudulent chargebacks. When Fraud Protect is activated, online orders processed through Shopify Payments are analyzed and classified as either "protected" or "not protected". This means that you can fulfill orders with confidence, knowing that payment is guaranteed on protected orders.

Fraud Protect is currently available only to select merchants within the United States.

Learn more about Fraud Protect at the Shopify Help Center.

Grow your business with the new Marketing section 📣

Simplify your marketing efforts! We just launched Marketing, a brand new section in Shopify designed as a central location for your marketing campaigns. The Marketing section includes our first Shopify-built marketing tools for advertising on Google and Facebook.

Learn how to create a marketing campaign or visit Marketing today.

Use your own UPS account to create shipping labels in Shopify 📦

We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear: now you can use your own UPS rates to create labels in Shopify and save time while fulfilling orders by managing everything in one spot!

Instead of leaving Shopify to fulfill UPS orders, quickly and easily print your UPS labels during the order fulfillment process in your admin. You’ll be billed directly by UPS for your label purchases.

If you already have a UPS account connected, then you can enable labels from your UPS settings. Otherwise,get started by connecting a UPS account.

Note: This feature is only available for U.S. stores on the Advanced or Plus plan.

Google Shopping has moved

We've restructured Google Shopping so that features are available from the places in the admin where they make the most sense. Instead of accessing the Google Shopping app from the Sales channels list, sync your products to Google Shopping from the Apps page in your Shopify admin, and create Google Smart Shopping campaigns from the Marketing page.

Learn more about the Google Shopping app from the Shopify Help Center.

Scan product barcodes in POS with your device cameras!

Use your phone or tablet's camera to scan product barcodes! Quickly add items to cart, and check out your customers without any extra hardware.

Available for Shopify POS on both iOS and Android.

Learn more about using Barcode Scanning at the Shopify Help Center.

The Buy Button channel has fresh updates!

We've simplified the steps to creating a checkout link from the Buy Button channel. Select any product, and simply copy the link into an email campaign, social media post, or text message to send customers directly to a checkout. It’s a fast way to promote any product, anywhere! 🚀

Also, if you’re creating an embedded collection, you can now set images to a fixed size to create a uniform look for each product!

Finally, we’ve made it easier for you to get started with the Buy Button channel by including more educational content and clear next steps. 🎉

Learn more about the Buy Button channel from the Shopify Help Center.

Removed: Generate access tokens for the JavaScript Buy SDK from within the Buy Button channel

We've removed the option to generate access tokens for the JavaScript Buy SDK from the Buy Button sales channel. If you're using the JavaScript Buy SDK, create a private app to generate your access token instead. No need to install the Buy Button channel to do this any more.

Check out our Developer resources on the JavaScript Buy SDK for more information.

Transfer your Shopify domain to a different Shopify store

Shopify managed domains can now be transferred between stores from your Shopify admin - no need to contact Shopify Support in most cases! This is great if you own multiple stores and you want to transfer your domain from one store to another, or if you're transferring a Shopify domain to any other store.

Learn more about transferring Shopify domains from the Shopify Help Center.

Manage inventory and orders across multiple locations

Track inventory accurately, everywhere it's stocked! If your business has multiple locations, like retail stores, pop-ups, or warehouses, you can now manage inventory and orders across all your locations in Shopify.

To make sure your inventory quantities are always up to date and you don't oversell, orders and sales are also assigned to locations.

There are a few new ways to update your inventory quantities across all your locations too. Use the inventory list, bulk editor, product page, or a CSV file. You have complete visibility into where all your products are stocked.

Learn more about locations in the Shopify Help Center.

New feature: Packing slips

Print packing slips while you’re fulfilling your orders. If you buy shipping labels in bulk with Shopify Shipping, you can print packing slips at the same time. Edit your default packing slip template using HTML, CSS, and Liquid from your shipping settings.

Add shopping stickers to products in Instagram Stories

Selling your Shopify products on Instagram just got better! Add shopping stickers to your products in Instagram Stories to make it easy for customers to find them. You can also tag your products in Instagram posts. Customers who find your products on Instagram can tap a link to view and buy them from your online store.

Instagram stories let people share as much as they want throughout the day, with the ability to share multiple moments in photos and videos, which appear together in a slideshow on a user’s story.

Good to know: Shopping stickers can be added to images in Stories, but not videos.

Learn more about selling on Instagram by using the Instagram sales channel from the Shopify Help Center.

Shopify Payments Germany launch

Shopify Payments Germany 🇩🇪is available for stores located in Germany! Accept both credit card and SOFORT transactions on your store through Shopify's integrated payments system. Shopify Payments offers a streamlined payment experience including order and chargeback management, Shopify Pay, Apple Pay, and in-house payouts from within your Shopify admin to help simplify your payments.

Learn more about Shopify Payments Germany and how it can benefit your business.

New inventory CSV file for quickly updating inventory quantities

Update inventory quantities without risking making changes to other product details, using the new CSV export and import tool.

Unlike the existing CSV file for products, this CSV is focused exclusively on updating inventory quantities. The benefit of a more focused spreadsheet is that it's faster and easier to update inventory quantites in bulk, without risking overwriting other product information (such as publishing details or product images).

This feature is extra useful to support your inventory cycle or annual inventory counts!

Learn more about exporting or importing inventory with a CSV file in the Help Center.

All your store policies in one convenient place

You don't have to create custom pages for your store policies any more! 📜

Add and update your store policies from an easy-to-find, dedicated section, and link to them from your store menus. In the past, you could see your store policies, like your Terms of Service, on your checkout page, and you could update them from the Checkout settings. Now, you can find policies in the Settings > Legal section.

Best of all - Add any policy to any menu in your online store, to make it easier to keep them up to date. One source of truth! You won't have to worry about forgetting to update these legal documents in two different places.

Learn more about store policies from the Shopify Help Center.

Shopify Pay is even faster for returning customers 💰

When a customer who uses Shopify Pay returns to your store within 30 days, they can check out faster than ever.

Customers returning to the same store can now use Shopify Pay without an SMS validation. This will work for customers using the same device and browser within 30 days of their last order. Instead, customers will be redirected to the new landing page to confirm their details.

This is another big step to reducing friction on the checkout!

Learn more about the Shopify Pay customer experience at the Shopify Help Center.

Introducing the redesigned Shopify App Store

We've beautifully redesigned the Shopify App Store from ground up to help you find the right app for your unique business.

Choose the best app for your business with streamlined listings, clear app information, and a simplified pricing structure. Search is now more accurate than ever, with relevant information available right on the search results page. Finally, app recommendations are smarter than ever and tailored to you.

Learn more about the new Shopify App Store and visit it today.

Tipping on Shopify POS

Give your customers the chance to leave a tip! Add tipping to the checkout for in-person orders processed with the credit payment method. Your customers can have the opportunity to share their appreciation for great service in your store.

Learn more about collecting, tracking and refunding Shopify POS Tips.

Sell in your preferred currency and get paid in your local currency

Good news! With Shopify Payments, now you can sell in a preferred currency and get paid in your local currency. This means you can sell to customers who are in a different country than the country where your business is located, without needing to set up a separate bank account for that currency.

Selling and getting paid in different currencies is available to stores in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Learn more about selling and getting paid in different currencies from the Shopify Help Center.

Include more of your product images with the updated Buy Button template!

Share more of your beautiful product photos with customers in the same Buy Button template! 😀

We’ve made an update to the first Buy Button template (product image, price, and button) so you can include all of your product images, instead of just variant images.

In addition, we’ve updated the Change product and Full width preview buttons in the Buy Button sales channel to make them more visible. You might not spot the difference at first glance, but we wanted to mention it anyway. 👍

Visit the Shopify Help Center to learn more about Buy Button.

BXGY discounts just got even better!

Include freebies with any number of eligible products in an order! Buy X Get Y can now be applied multiple times per order, so you have a lot more control over your giveaways. 🏷

Learn more about Buy X get Y promotions at the Shopify Help Center.

App trial duration 🗓 and billing information 🗒

Check which apps are currently on a trial and how many days you have left. Account owners can view specific billing information for apps. 🎉