June 03, 2024

UPS Standard + UPS Worldwide Expedited shipping now available for Markets Pro!

Markets Pro has expanded its carrier options to include standard international shipping via UPS Standard + UPS Worldwide Expedited mail services. For the first time ever, merchants will have access to UPS DDP labels via Shopify.

Markets Pro now provides full coverage of US-outbound labels across flat rates:
* International Economy via DHL eCommerce
* International Standard via UPS
* International Express via DHL Express

Learn more about the UPS for Markets Pro in the Shopify Help Center.

Note to existing active Markets Pro merchants:

Shipping setting update + configuring rates at checkout
Depending on your shipping rate configuration, you may need to take action to display UPS rates at buyer checkout. If you do not have an existing account with UPS, you will be asked to accept UPS ToS upon either shipping configuration or your first label purchase.

As a part of the UPS General Access release, Markets Pro will be making updates to your Markets Pro-managed shipping zones configuration. You may make changes to these updates at any time, including the removal of UPS rates from your shipping settings.

  • If the shipping zone(s) utilizes carrier rates, Markets Pro will automatically add UPS Standard and/or UPS Worldwide Expedited international rates to your checkout.
  • If the shipping zone(s) utilizes flat rates with transit time, you must configure Standard International Shipping in your settings to make them available to buyers.
  • Due to technical limitations, if the shipping zone(s) utilizes custom flat rates and you utilize an external partner to print labels, they will continue to be fulfilled with DHL Express labels for Markets Pro orders.

Please note that if you currently fulfill Standard International Shipping with DHL eCommerce, Markets Pro will migrate these rates to Economy International Shipping on your behalf. This will more accurately reflect the transit times buyers should expect when shipping via DHL eCommerce.

Additionally, if you fulfill DHL eCommerce from both Standard International and Economy International flat rates, no change will be made to your Standard International flat rates. If you use an external partner to print labels, Standard International buyer selections will automatically begin fulfilling with UPS.