July 08, 2024

Updated Draft Orders in the Shopify App

The Draft Orders section in the Shopify App was updated in v9.166 to align more closely with the web and unlock features previously unavailable on mobile, including:
* Applying discount codes to draft orders.
* Reserving inventory for items included in draft orders.
* Supporting metafields.
* Including bundles in draft orders.
* Offering Local Delivery and Local Pickup as shipping options.
* Filtering options on the product selection screen.
* Duplicating or completing app actions on completed draft orders (iOS-only fix).

In addition to the unlocked features, some workflows that have been improved:
* Changing product quantities in a draft order
* Viewing product details linked to a draft order

This makes it easier for merchants to create, manage & adjust draft orders on-the-go from the Shopify App.