April 02, 2024

Markets Pro: Undeliverable + Return to Sender Charges

tldr: Shopify released undeliverable state adjustments for Markets Pro labels. Merchants will see adjustments for undeliverable charges in their Payouts moving forward, with details available in Order timeline events.

When is a package deemed undeliverable?
If a package can't be delivered to a customer, then it's in an undeliverable state. The reasons for undeliverable shipments varies, but the following are some common reasons for a package to be undeliverable:

  • The customer's address is incomplete, illegible, incorrect, or can't be located.
  • The package can't be cleared by the customs authority in the customer's country or region.
  • The package is rejected by the customer before opening.
  • The package contains prohibited items.

What should I expect if my package is undeliverable?
Generally, if a package is considered undeliverable, then you receive an email from Shopify Support with details on why the package is undeliverable, and the outcome for the package. In some cases, DHL Express might contact the merchant or buyer directly. The outcome for an undeliverable package might be any one of the following, which will vary depending on the carrier, the location of the package, and the reason for the undeliverable status:

  • Redirect package
  • Return to origin
  • Abandoned package

These outcomes usually incur a fee, which is indicated on your next payout and in the order's timeline events.

Learn more about Markets Pro undeliverable adjustments in the Shopify Help Center