June 14, 2024

Improved clarity about Markets Pro product restrictions

We've released improvements to the Markets Pro product restriction experience, designed to enhance comprehension and streamline the management of restricted products for merchants.

Key Enhancements:
*Publication Statuses: * Products now display specific restriction reasons directly on the product index and details pages.

*Notifications: *Merchants receive notifications in their Shopify admin when new prohibited items are identified, whether due to new product additions or changes in regulations affecting existing products.

*Localized Restriction Reasons: *Restriction reasons are fully localized, supporting all languages available in the Shopify admin, ensuring clear communication for merchants across different regions.

*Filtering on Product Index: *Merchants can now access a filtered list of prohibited products for all markets from a single place in the Shopify admin.

*Ongoing Review: * The product list is continuously reviewed for prohibited items, ensuring that any new products or changes in product status are promptly identified and addressed.

Please visit the Shopify Help Center for addtional details.