May 15, 2024

Shopify Flow - New action to lookup customer in a segment

In Shopify Flow, you can now check if a customer is in a segment by using a Look up customer in segment action.

The action can be used in any workflow that provides a customer. Using the action, you can choose to check if the customer is in one segment. The action will return a boolean field called isMember that is true when the customer is in the segment. This can be checked in a condition or in code to verify membership.

Workflow showing the Look up action followed by a condition checking isMember

For example, in this workflow, you can check if the customer is in an “expedited shipping” segment and then add tags to the order to expedite shipping.

To learn more, view the Flow action or segmentation documentation. For questions and feedback related to the action, you can post to the Flow topic in the Shopify community.