April 24, 2024

Ship from store POS fulfillment

Introducing the new Ship from store feature showcased at Winter Editions 24. This new fulfillment workflow empowers retail staff to fulfill online orders assigned to retail locations directly from POS.

Previously, when a retail location was chosen as the fulfillment location, retail staff required access to Shopify Admin to execute order fulfillment. Now, the new Ship from store feature surfaces orders due for shipping in the Orders tab. Permissioned staff can pick, pack and ship orders.

To get started with Ship from store, there are a few steps that require configuration including ensuring retail locations are configured to fulfill online orders, determine your ideal Order routing configuration and review your Shopify Shipping setup. To learn more, review this Help Article.

Once Ship from store is configured to meet your preferred setup, staff will navigate to an assigned order, tap the ‘Prepare for shipping’ tile, and use a barcode scanner or camera to check off items. Print a packing slip via document printer and purchase a shipping label through Shopify Shipping. Print your shipping label through a wireless label printer. If you can’t complete an order, tap the ‘Reassign fulfillment’ tile to reassign the remainder of an order to the next best location.

Learn more about Ship from Store in this Help article.