April 29, 2024

Return rules in POS

In version 9.8 of the Shopify POS app, we've added return rules support in POS. Return rules are structured policies for returns that can now be used whether the return happens in store or is a self serve return online.

Return rules are a great way to ensure consistency and accuracy when processing returns. Which in turn helps reduce demand on staff to make decisions and builds trust between customers and your brand.

Return rules are configured in the Shopify Admin. Once configured, saved policies determine a products' eligibility once the item is added to the return. When products are ineligible, POS will surface additional context to staff on why it cannot be returned. Return window and Final Sale are the return rules that will be applicable to POS, and evaluated on each item in an order.

If a product is ineligible for a return and staff determine the product should be returned anyway, managers with associated permissions can override the return policy to complete the return or exchange.

Learn more about new return rules in POS in the Shopify Help Center.