May 09, 2024

Merchants can now schedule free DHL Express pickups in Admin for Markets Pro!

New release: On May 9, we will release the ability for merchants to schedule DHL Express ad hoc pickups in Shopify Admin for Markets Pro.

This will help Markets Pro merchants to more seamlessly manage their international logistics.

Key takeaways:
* Markets Pro ad hoc DHL Express pickups are free
* Merchants follow the same path to schedule Markets Pro DHL Express pickups as they do for Shopify Shipping DHL Express pickups. Learn more about how to schedule a DHL Express pickup in the Shopify Help Center.
* Merchants can combine Markets Pro and non-Markets Pro parcels in a single DHL Express pickup
* DHL Express pickup scheduling in admin is limited to ad hoc pickups. Recurrent pick ups should continue to be scheduled via the DHL Express website.