July 02, 2024

Shopify POS Split-screen Home Layout for Tablet

Say hello to the new Home layout available for tablet devices! Our latest update introduces a new split screen layout in the Shopify POS app. Searching for products and customers are now alongside your cart for quicker cart building and managing. Accessing your preferred search method is now easier and ensures search results for your staff are at their fingertips without delay.

Here’s what’s new:
- Always visible cart: No need for long scrolls or toggling between tabs - see your cart next to your search results at all times.

- Optimized search: Easily search using global search, scanning barcodes or using the Smart grid, minimizing the steps needed to add items to your cart.
- Improved search result interaction pattern: Search results such as products and customers can be added to the cart by tapping on the line item.

Update your Shopify POS app to version 9.12 to experience faster and more efficient cart building. Learn more about the split-screen Home layout for Shopify POS tablets in the Shopify Help Center.