March 09, 2023

Vaulted credit cards for B2B

As part of B2B on Shopify, customers purchasing from stores with Shopify Payments can securely store credit card information at checkout or within new Customer Accounts. Your customers will never need to re-enter their credit card information at checkout, as it’s saved for future purchases, and can view, update, and delete cards as needed.

Once cards are stored, you’ll be able to take any of the following actions from the company location page in your Shopify admin:

  • manually charge a vaulted credit card for an order with a pending payment
  • change which vaulted card to charge for an order with a pending payment
  • delete a vaulted card for a location

Vaulted credit cards is currently only available on orders, with support for draft orders and checkout to draft expected in April 2023.

To get started, enable Shopify Payments or visit our vaulted credit cards help docs.