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June 27

Use all-new B2B features in the Online Store

B2B on Shopify integrates essential wholesale features right into the core of Shopify. Run both sides of your business from one store.

New Admin
June 22

Shopify Flow now available in the Shopify plan

If you are using the Shopify plan, you can now use Shopify Flow to customize your store through automation.

New Apps
June 22

New sales channel: Merchants can now sell on Twitter

The Twitter sales channel integration allows merchants to easily manage and sell their products on Twitter.

New Channels
June 21

Now Launched: Shopify Checkout-integrated pre-order and try before you buy apps

Find new ways to sell with pre-orders and try before you buy

New Apps
June 21

Shopify Payments available in France

Shopify Payments is now available for merchants in France.

New Payments
June 20

Increasing metafield definition limit from 100 to 200

You can now create up to 200 metafield definitions per store.

Improvement Admin
June 20

New Exchanges Workflow

Improvements to the exchanges workflow now allows multiple returns or exchanges on previously exchanged orders.

Improvement POS
June 16

Shopify Protect for Shop Pay early access

Shopify Protect will protect eligible Shop Pay orders from fraudulent chargebacks.

New Payments
June 15

Improved video support for the files page and metafields

The files page now supports longer videos. These videos have improved integrations with metafields and Liquid.

Improvement Admin
June 8

Shopify Balance low balance alerts

Shopify Balance merchants can now get notified when their account balance drops below a preset value.

Feature Balance
June 8

11 New Staff Permissions

You can now assign permissions to staff and partners that were previously only available to the store owner. These include managing GDPR requests, collaborator requests, and editing billing payments.

Improvement Admin
June 6

INR billing with local plan pricing via cards in India

We're launching INR billing with local plan pricing via cards in India, and reducing friction for paying your Shopify bills.

New Billing
June 6

Dynamic checkout buttons now work with international pricing

Merchants using international pricing can now use dynamic checkout buttons on their product pages.

Improvement Markets
June 1

Connect your Balance account to Venmo, Wise, and other financial apps

Shopify Balance merchants can now easily and securely connect their favorite financial apps to their Shopify Balance account through our partnership with Plaid.

Feature Balance
May 31

3 new Inbox features to help you better track important conversations

With a new menu, easily keep track of open conversations, closed, assigned to you. Manage them with new shortcuts, taps and swipes. Check your notification settings and send a test on your device.

New Apps
May 30

Google local inventory sync

Help local shoppers find your in-store products by syncing local location and inventory levels with Google.

May 27

Export Shopify Balance transactions to a CSV file

You can now export your transactions from your Balance account to a CSV file for accounting purposes.

Feature Balance
May 11

Shop adds 3D and augmented reality (AR) previews

Increase conversion rates with 3D and AR previews right from your product detail pages.

New Shop
May 10

Shopify Audiences launches to help merchants find new buyers

Shopify Audiences is an app built by Shopify to help you find new buyers who have a strong interest in purchasing your products.

New Marketing
May 10

Show estimated delivery dates at checkout by enabling Processing Time

Provide transparency and build trust with your buyers by showcasing the expected delivery date on your checkout in a few clicks by enabling our new Processing Time feature.

New Admin
May 9

Segment by customer metafields

Group customers using your customer metafields.

Feature Admin
May 9

Searching for customers from the Customer page

Search for specific customers using the Customers page search bar.

Improvement Admin
May 3

GeoIP will be deprecated for Shopify Plus stores

GeoIP automatically changes a visitors currency based on their location. It was a feature for Shopify Plus which is being deprecated.

Removed Markets
April 22

Subscription apps now support Google Pay

Subscription apps in the Shopify App Store collection now support Google Pay for merchants who use Shopify Payments.

Feature Payments
April 22

Original Image Download

Merchants can now download their original image file, rather than the optimized image file, from their product media and Settings/Files page.

Improvement Admin
April 20

Turn direct messages into direct sales with Shopify Inbox’s new Instagram integration

Use Inbox to manage your Instagram direct messages so you can spend less time switching apps and close sales fast.

New Apps
April 19

Increased number of sections and blocks within templates

You can now add up to 25 sections per template and 50 blocks per section in your online store.

Improvement Admin
April 13

Keep your inventory accurate from anywhere with committed quantities and inventory adjustments on the Shopify mobile app

We’re introducing a new inventory state called ‘committed’ to provide a more accurate foundation to your inventory management and inventory adjustments on the go.

Improvement Mobile
April 11

Product metafields in POS for Android

Additional product details are now available in Shopify POS for Android by viewing metafields within the product description of an item.

Feature POS
April 11

Collated printing for shipping labels and packing slips

You can now print shipping labels, packing slips, and customs forms on a single print job. Documents are also organized by order when printing documents in bulk.

Improvement Shipping
April 8

Two new free themes: Colorblock and Ride

Shopify’s latest free themes have industry-inspired layouts to help you get started quickly. In addition, an extensive suite of global theme style settings are included to support your unique brand.

New Themes
April 6

Metafield improvements: metafield lists

Metafield lists allow you to store multiple values in a single metafield.

New Admin
April 6

Make changes to your inventory faster with the improved inventory bulk editor

Edit more products at once, customize your columns, and manage inventory across locations more in one place with the inventory bulk editor

Improvement Inventory
March 22

Shopify Flow on the Advanced Plan

Shopify Flow is now available to merchants on the Advanced Plan.

New Apps
March 22

Share personalized product recommendations with Shopify Inbox product cards

Grow sales through new product cards with rich previews and options that encourage customers to add products to their cart and checkout.

Feature Apps
March 21

Predicted spend tier

Predictive spend tier is a segment filter with our new customer segmentation tool.

Feature Customers
March 21

Shopify Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation enables you to organize your customers together based on their unique behaviours.

New Customers
March 21

Shopify Marketing Automations

You can now automate your email campaigns all within Shopify.

New Marketing
March 21

More free emails with Shopify Email

You can send 10,000 free emails per month with Shopify Email.

Improvement Admin
March 18

Customer country auto-populated on signup

When a buyer signs up for newsletters or accounts in the online store, Shopify will attempt to populate the country of the newly created customer.

Improvement Customers
March 15

Focus on the right orders with improved order archiving

We updated the logic to automatically archive orders by including partially refunded, fulfilled, and zero balance orders, helping you manage orders more efficiently.

Improvement Orders
March 11

DPD labels are now available on Shopify Shipping

Save time and money on shipping. Buy and print DPD labels right from your Shopify account—without external apps or extra fees.

Improvement Admin
March 10

Shopify Flow “Wait” step now has a maximum duration of 30 days

You can now use a Wait step in Shopify Flow to force a workflow to wait for up to 30 days (an increase from 7 days).

Improvement Plus
March 10

Notifications Reminders on Shopify Inbox

We've added a new feature to [Shopify Inbox]( mobile allowing you to be able to set a notification reminder to follow up later.

Feature Apps
March 9

Save time fulfilling orders with Shopify Flow

Use Shopify Flow to automatically create draft shipping labels for new orders, so all you need to do is review and buy.

Feature Shipping
March 8

Revamped Products Bulk Editor

Merchants can now bulk edit more products more seamlessly.

Improvement Admin
March 2

Improve your inventory accuracy with the new committed inventory state

We’re introducing a new inventory state called ‘committed’ to provide a more accurate foundation to your inventory management.

Feature Inventory
March 2

A new, faster way to create and sell products

Spend less time creating products and more time selling them.

Improvement Mobile
March 1

Changes to SMS notifications

SMS notifications sent through Shopify will default to a standard template.

Changed Marketing
March 1

2 new free themes: Taste and Studio

Shopify’s new free themes, Taste and Studio, have industry-specific layouts and an extensive suite of global theme style settings to help you get started and support your unique brand.

New Admin
February 24

Speed up fulfillment with Shopify Shipping presets

Reduce the time spent fulfilling orders by creating presets with your preferred shipping options, applying them to multiple shipments at once, and saving them for next time.

Feature Shipping
February 15

3D Secure authenticated orders will not be automatically categorized as low-risk

3D Secure orders are no longer categorized automatically as low-risk because of updates to Visa's chargeback monitoring programs.

Changed Payments
February 14

Filter and edit your reports by purchase option

Merchants on Shopify, Advanced, or Plus plans can now track subscription purchases in select reports.

Improvement Analytics
February 11

Sell globally with Shopify Markets

Create meaningful experiences for your buyers all over the world from a single store with Shopify Markets.

New Markets
February 10

Introducing easy theme updates

Easily update your themes in admin to stay up-to-date with the latest version of your theme, including new new features, design enhancements and bug fixes.

New Admin
February 3

Subscription apps now support Apple Pay

The collection of subscription apps in the Shopify App Store now supports Apple Pay for merchants who use Shopify Payments.

Feature Payments
February 1

Shopify Flow - A "Wait" step is now available

You can now use a Wait step in Shopify Flow to force a workflow to wait for a set amount of time (from 1s to 7 days).

New Plus
February 1

Shopify Payments for POS now available in Spain

Shopify Payments is now available for retail merchants in Spain, along with the fully integrated WisePad 3 card reader.

January 31

Improve product discovery with standardized product types

Product classification is now available under standardized product types in your product admin.

Changed Products
January 27

Run Flow workflows from the Admin using “Automate with Flow” links

Want to run a Flow automation directly on a list of Orders, Customers, or Products? Using “Automate with Flow” you can choose orders, one or more workflows, and then run the automation right there.

New Plus
January 27

3 new free themes: Sense, Craft, and Crave

All of Shopify’s latest free themes have industry-specific layouts to help you get started and an extensive suite of global theme style settings to support your unique brand.

New Themes
January 27

Dawn 3.0.0 released

Dawn’s latest release introduces new customization options that bring you significantly more flexibility to achieve your desired look and feel.

Improvement Themes
January 26

Take more control of your inventory with adjustment reasons

We've added inventory adjustment reasons to allow you to better track changes in your inventory.

Feature Inventory
January 25

Shopify Payments for POS now available in Denmark

Shopify Payments is now available for retail merchants in Denmark, along with the fully integrated WisePad 3 card reader.

January 24

Introducing a New Custom App Experience

Introducing a new experience for creating, configuring and building custom apps in the Shopify admin.

New Apps
January 14

Minor UI changes for the Location card in Shipping and Location Settings

The location card no longer displays the phone number in the shipping settings, and the `manage` button in location settings is removed. To manage the location, simply click on the Location card.

Changed Admin
January 13

Make better supply chain decisions with in-context product analytics

Introducing new inventory metrics, accessible right within your products admin, to help you make better supply chain and stocking decisions based on data.

Feature Analytics
January 12

Introducing the new Shopify Flow

An all-new Shopify Flow app is now generally available for merchants on Shopify Plus. The new Flow has many improvements, including a new editor, allowing you to build many new types of automations.

New Apps
January 12

Shopify Payments for POS now available in Belgium

Shopify Payments for POS now available in Belgium

January 11

Canada sales tax liability insights 🇨🇦

Making more sales in Canada? With sales tax liability insights it’s easy to understand when you are required to collect taxes from your customers.

New Admin
January 10

Metafields now available on Orders, Collections and Customers

Adding metafield definitions to Orders, Collections and Customers.

New Admin
December 16

Store Details form updates

The information in Store details will now show as a summary by default to prevent unintentional changes. Clicking `Edit` opens the form to be edited.

Improvement Admin
December 16

Subscription support for dynamic and accelerated checkout methods for PayPal Express

We've added subscription support for dynamic and accelerated checkout methods for PayPal Express on some stores.

Improvement Checkout
December 8

Save time and money with package defaults for Shopify Shipping

Set your most frequently used package as default when buying labels with Shopify Shipping, right from the label purchasing page, saving you time and money the next time you fulfill orders.

Improvement Admin
December 6

Support for .usdz 3D models as product media

Adding a .usdz 3D model to a product is now supported. 3D models can now also be up to 500MB in size with large models automatically compressed on storefront for improved performance.

Improvement Products
December 2

Shopify Flow - use AND/OR for the same item in a list

In a Flow Condition, you can now check if more than one condition matches for a single item in a list. This enables you to check metafield values and inventory at specific locations and much more.

Improvement Plus
November 25

New Unified Login Component for Shop Pay with Email Code Auth

Buyers can now authenticate with both text message codes and email codes when logging into Shop Pay in checkout.

Feature Checkout
November 24

More real time insights with Live View

Live View is now updated with new reports including top locations, top products and customer behaviour to give you a bird’s eye view of your store performance in real time.

Improvement Analytics
November 10

Accurately track your inventory with unique SKUs

Shopify now provides a warning for products and variants that have SKUs that are already being used in your store.

Improvement Products
November 5

View your paid subscriptions fees in your Shopify admin

We've released a new Active Subscriptions page in admin, making it easier to find and understand your paid subscriptions.

Feature Admin
November 3

Customize your orders list and get to work faster

You can now show, hide, and reorder columns in your orders tab, as well as customize and save all default order views.

Improvement Orders
November 3

Settings page redesign & Domains moved into Settings

We're introducing a refreshed Settings design. This new experience makes it easier to navigate to, from, and within settings; saving time & getting merchants back to the work they were doing before.

Improvement Admin
November 2

Adding product variants just got easier

We've made it possible to add, edit and delete options and values directly on the product page.

Improvement Products
November 1

Save time when you update shipping labels for multiple orders at once

Review and update details for multiple shipping labels in bulk, all in one centralized view.

New Shipping
October 29

Shopify Email New Templates and Sections

We've added new email sections and templates in time for the holidays — this includes BFCM templates and email sections in the editor.

Feature Admin
October 25

Handshake | The ordering widget

Embed a Handshake ordering widget on your store to get more wholesale orders. Retailers placing first-time orders using your widget get free shipping, and $50 off when they spend $200 or more.

Feature Handshake
October 21

Quickly resolve order and inventory issues with the new SFN app Overview page

The Overview tab in your SFN app now surfaces the most important information: inventory levels across the network, products with low stock, and pending issues that need your attention.

Improvement Shopify Fulfillment Network
October 21

Introducing dark mode in Shopify Analytics

Your Shopify Reports are now available in dark mode.

Improvement Analytics
October 14

Shopify Payments for POS now available in The Netherlands

Shopify Payments for POS now available in The Netherlands

October 8

New Per-App and App Charge Permissions

Delegate effectively and securely with new per-app and app charge permissions.

Feature Admin
September 29

Facebook Pay for Shopify Payments and Checkout

Facebook Pay is available as the newest wallet and accelerated checkout to US merchants with Shopify Payments.

Feature Checkout
September 28

Personalized text for Shopify Email

Add personalized text to your email campaigns!

Feature Marketing
September 23

Capture SMS marketing consent in Shopify!

Enable SMS consent collection at checkout!

New Admin
September 20

Improve product discovery with suggested product types

Introducing the new automated way to classify your products!

New Products
September 20

Improvements to Shopify Inbox on the web

You can now share Products and Discounts, and manage conversations on Shopify Inbox when you're working from your web browser.

Improvement Admin
September 14

Dawn 2.1.0 released

The new version (2.1.0) of Dawn includes various user interface improvements and bug fixes.

Improvement Themes
September 14

Buy up to 50 shipping labels in bulk!

You can now purchase and print up to 50 shipping labels at once, increasing the limit from 20. This helps you work more efficiently, get orders out the door faster, and create a better experience for your customers. It's now available for merchants fulfilling orders from a US location and using Shopify Shipping with USPS, UPS and DHL carriers.

Learn more about Bulk order fulfillment from the Shopify Help Center.

September 13

Migrate from Lightspeed with the Store Importer App

The Store Importer app now supports Lightspeed migrations.

New Apps
September 10

US Sales Tax Liability Insights 🇺🇸

Are you worried about economic nexus? We’re making it easier to understand your sales tax liability in the United States.

New Admin
September 9

The Shop channel has expanded to 13 new countries

The Shop channel is now available in the [following regions]( 🎉

Improvement Shop
August 31

New Shopify theme available: Dawn

Dawn is Shopify’s latest free theme. It includes an adaptable layout, site-wide cross-selling sections, and media-optimized product pages to boost sales. Easier to customize than ever, sections and blocks let you add, rearrange, and edit every page without any coding.

Notable Dawn features include custom liquid sections, facet filtering on collection pages, adaptable layouts across pages, predictive search, and upselling/cross selling sections. Dawn also has features to help you set up and get started more easily including a simplified color system and square image settings on product grids.

Preview Dawn today, and learn more about how to express your brand with our updated documentation.

Online Store
August 31

Shopify Payments for POS now available in Germany and New Zealand

Shopify Payments is now available for retail merchants in Germany and New Zealand, along with the fully integrated WisePad 3 card reader.

You will now be able to accept all major payment methods however and wherever you want to, seamlessly integrated with Shopify POS.

Learn more about Shopify Payments and the WisePad 3 from the Shopify Help Center.

August 30

Manage your inventory from anywhere with the Shopify mobile app

We’ve redesigned inventory management on the Shopify Mobile app so you can easily view, manage and track your inventory from anywhere. The improved inventory features include:

  • One centralized view of your inventory to help you manage your inventory from anywhere.
  • Search, sort and inventory filtering so you can find what you’re looking for faster.
  • Inventory workflows designed for mobile so you can get more done on the go.

Try the Shopify Mobile app and learn more about managing inventory in the Shopify Help Centre.

August 30

Optimized carrier identification based on merchant history

When a merchant fulfills an order and enters the tracking number for it, we can now identify the shipping carrier with relatively 30% better accuracy for supported carriers. We also improved the drop down by showing frequently used carriers at the top of the list. This helps save merchants time when fulfilling orders.

Learn more about manual fulfillment from the Help Center.

August 26

Meet CCPA standards to improve trust with your California buyers

The Customer Privacy app is updated for California-based stores and stores that meet the following criteria:

  • a gross annual revenue of $25 million a year in online sales
  • buy, receive, or sell the personal information of 50,000 or more California residents, households, or devices
  • derive 50% or more of their annual revenue from selling California residents’ personal information

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), California buyers need to be given the choice to opt out of the sale of their personal information. The Customer Privacy app allows you to easily communicate how you track the sale of information, allowing buyers to choose if they want to share information.

If you have been using the existing version of the app, then you will need to download Customer Privacy app by November 1, 2021 in order to stay in compliance with the CCPA.

August 23

ePostage return labels through USPS

Starting on August 23rd 2021, we'll be providing USPS return labels through our direct integration with USPS. This update is an extension of our ePostage roll-out to all eligible USPS shipments, which launched in February 2021.

You can now choose ePostage return labels through Parcel Select Ground. The ePostage return labels have the same eligibility criteria and rates as fulfillment-direction for Parcel Select Ground.

Also, the ePostage return labels now look more like the ePostage fulfillment labels.

Learn more about ePostage shipping and return labels with USPS from the Shopify Help Center.

August 19

New views for fulfillment details and shipping labels

Merchants now have an improved bulk shipping label purchase flow.

Until now, the bulk shipping label purchase flow in Shopify has been a copy of the single label purchase flow, but with orders stacked vertically on one page. This layout made it more difficult to keep track of your progress and position on the page.

Now, the purchase flow uses an order navigation menu. This navigation makes it easier to find specific orders, for example when merchants need to change a package size, weight, or shipping service. The navigation also helps with seeing progress and identifying orders with errors or warnings. Further, order notes are now displayed in the shipping label flow.

Learn more about Fulfillment Detail Views - Shipping labels from the Shopify Help Center.

August 18

Set payment terms on orders with deferred payments

The new payment terms feature allows you to easily manage orders with deferred payments.

With payment terms, you can complete the following tasks:

  • Add a payment due date to a draft order or to a pending order that was created through the online store.
  • Choose between due on receipt, net terms (within 7, 15, 30, 60 or 90 days), or fixed date.
  • Sort by overdue payment status for easier order management.
  • Send an invoice to your buyer with their payment due date.

You can set payment terms by selecting Payment due later in the payment section of a draft order.

Learn more about payment terms.

August 17

2021 BFCM Merchant Peak Plan

Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) is introducing a Merchant Peak Plan (MPP) to support merchant's shipping needs during Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM).

The MPP will help merchants prepare for peak demands during the BFCM season and ensure SFN can successfully meet merchant's shipping needs.

Learn more about Merchant Peak Plan.

Shopify Fulfillment Network
August 11

Put fulfillments on hold

Not everything is ready to ship right after checkout. When you need to organize your fulfillments according to what needs to be shipped separately, you can reflect that in Shopify by placing them on hold.

Learn more about fullfillment holds from the Shopify Help Center.

August 9

Handshake | Editing product information within Handshake

Suppliers now have different product information on the Handshake Marketplace compared to the main online store. Within Handshake, suppliers can create product descriptions available exclusively on Handshake, select which product variants they want to showcase on Handshake and manage product images.

Learn more about pricing and managing your products on Handshake in the Pricing and managing products on Handshake.

August 3

Handshake Marketplace – Add products and suppliers to the “Favorites” list

Retailers can now add products and suppliers to a designated list called Favorites. To add a product or a supplier to the Favorites list, retailers need to click a heart icon next to them.

All added products and suppliers appear on the** Favorites** page and can be accessed from the navigation bar.

Learn more about adding and viewing favorite products and suppliers.

July 15

Shopify Ping and Shopify Chat have relaunched as Shopify Inbox

Shopify Ping and Shopify Chat have relaunched as Shopify Inbox. Now you can set up messaging for your online store, manage your FAQs, automated messages, chat appearance, and more right from your admin.

You’ll still use the Shopify Inbox mobile and web apps (formerly Ping) to view and respond to your customer messages from anywhere, anytime.

With this update, it’s even easier to manage customer conversations and sell more over chat.

  • New conversation metrics help you understand how many chats convert to sales so you can plan for growth
  • Never miss an opportunity to connect with a customer - now you can always continue the conversation over email or SMS even after they’ve left the live chat
  • Connect with more customers on more channels like Instagram (coming soon)

Learn more about Shopify Inbox in the Shopify Help Center.

July 9

Display flexible store content with Metafields

Metafields are extra pieces of data that you can attach to products, customers, orders, and other objects in the Shopify ecosystem. Metafields are made for storing information that doesn’t otherwise have a home in your Shopify admin—think fabric care instructions, delivery time frames, and backorder dates. You can display metafield data anywhere in your store, such as your product pages and even the checkout.

You can use metafields for internal tracking and to display specialized information on your online store in a variety of ways.

Learn more in the Shopify Help Center.

July 9

Enhancements to the theme editor

We’ve made enhancements to the theme editor to make it more intuitive to use.

Instead of needing to drill down into different sections, the editor sidebar now displays a tree view of all the content on a page. From the sidebar, merchants can hide most blocks, with the exception of the header and the footer. These changes allow you to easily update the hierarchy of a page.

Learn more in the Shopify Help Center.

Online Store
July 8

Improvements to Shopify's Geolocation app

Starting today, Shopify's Geolocation app will have the ability to only offer country and language recommendations as a center popup.

The Geolocation app helps ensures international customers can view a store in their local currency and language. After thorough research, the center popup increases the rate at which customers check out in the correct currency and language, and also increases a store's conversion rate with international customers.

If you are a Geolocation app user and aren't currently using the center pop up for recommendations, then there is no action required and this change will be made to your store today. You can find out more about Geolocation in the Shopify Help Center.

June 29

Discounts for retailers on Handshake Marketplace

Suppliers can now offer discounts for retailers on Handshake. Discounts feature allows you to set up the following:

  • Suppliers can create an unlimited amount of discounts.
  • Suppliers can create automatic discounts without requiring a discount code.
  • Discounts can be by percentage or fixed amounts.
  • Discounts can have up to three tiers based on the order value.
  • Discounts can be timeless or be effective during a scheduled time.
  • Discounts apply only on products, they do not apply to shipping costs.

Learn more about managing discounts on Handshate in the Shopify Help Center.