February 12, 2024

Geolocation app removal

On December 1st, 2024, Shopify’s Geolocation app will be sunset, and the app will be uninstalled from shops that have it installed.

Shopify’s platform has recently made advancements that have reduced the need for Geolocation app’s consent-based localization feature for shops that use dedicated domains/shared domains. These advancements include:
Expansion of the automatic redirection feature (changelog)
Automatic browser language redirection (changelog)
Consolidation of the GeoIP feature (changelog)

For those who currently have the Geolocation app installed and don’t have an EU top-level domain, we recommend enabling the above features in Settings -> Markets -> Preferences. This will effectively bypass the Geolocation functionality on your storefront, and then you can safely remove the Geolocation app from your store.

Note - If you sell to customers in the European Union via an EU top-level domain, e.g. example.fr or example.de, you will still require a consent-based strategy to redirect buyers. We encourage you to explore 3rd party options in our app store.

Read more in our help docs here.