August 23, 2023

Automatic redirection to be expanded to markets that use primary domain

It is now possible to automatically localize customers visiting your store when your domain strategy is “primary domain only” or when you have a custom domain that is shared across multiple markets. If you have the “Automatic redirection” setting enabled within Settings -> Markets -> Preferences your pages will automatically adjust to show region-specific content based on your customer’s GeoIP. For example, if your store is with a primary market of the United States and you have an additional market setup for Canada that is set to Primary domain only with CAD enabled, then a Canadian visitor will automatically see CAD pricing. When you have “automatic redirection” activated for your shop with markets set to “primary domain only” or custom domain strategy, non-primary market content is not indexed by search engines.

This is currently available to new merchants, and will roll out to existing merchants on September 6.

Note: To comply with local legislation, customers from the European Union (EU) aren't automatically redirected within the EU. More information can be found here.