June 01, 2023

Use Shopify Magic to create instant answers in Shopify Inbox

Inbox instant answers lets customers get answers to frequently asked questions in chat - automatically and 24/7.

Shopify Magic generates instant answers that are personalized for your store. This saves you time, improves customer experience, and helps boost sales.

Try it out:

  • Add Shopify Inbox to start chatting with customers.
  • In the Shopify admin, go to Inbox > Chat settings > Instant answers.
  • Review your suggested instant answers and click on one you want to create.
  • Edit or keep the suggested wording, turn on the instant answer, and click save.

That’s it! Customers will see your new instant answer when they open your store’s chat window. After selecting a question, they’ll automatically get the answer you created.

Learn more about Shopify Magic for Instant Answers in the Shopify Help Center.