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Two new operators in Shopify Flow

Two new operators are available for string-based conditions in Shopify Flow:

  • is any of
  • is not any of

If the field that you want to create a condition on is a string, such as order.billingAddress.firstName, then you can check if it's equal (or not equal) to a comma-separated list of strings.

For example:
If you create a condition such as order.billingAddress.firstName is any of "Bob,Michal,mary", the condition branch would go to yes if the order's billing address first name was either Bob, Michal or Mary (case insensitive).

Similarily, is not any of is the negation of is any of. For the example above but using the is not any of operator, if the order's billing address first name was Victoria, then the yes branch would execute.

Learn more about Shopify Flow from the Shopify Help Center.

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