June 07, 2021

Track and receive stock transfers with the Shopify mobile app

Starting today, you can use to Shopify mobile app to track and receive stock transfers between your suppliers and locations.

Using the Shopify mobile app to access transfer information lets you have the portability and control to easily view incoming products from your suppliers, and to move inventory between your locations and that places where you sell.

Once your inventory arrives, you can use the inventory scanner on the mobile app to count and receive your incoming products, so you’ll always have accurate inventory across your locations.

1. On the Shopify mobile app select the Products tab.
2. Select Transfers.
3. When you’re ready to receive a transfer, select the transfer from the list.

Once you select Transfers:
* The transfers you’ve created or are expecting between locations are displayed.
* All of the products associated with a transfer are displayed.
* You'll receive items in bulk, or individually, to ensure inventory accuracy across your locations.

Learn more about stock transfers on the mobile app.