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The new Shopify Plus admin

The new Shopify Plus admin will be released in phases over the next month to all Shopify Plus merchants. The new admin includes four new features, and an improved navigation for your entire organization.

Please note these features are only available to users with Organization access.

  • Overview Ensure your business is running as expected. View and compare your live performance of key business metrics across multiple time periods for all stores in your organization.
  • User Management. Trust the right users with the right tasks. Manage staff across all stores in your organization from one central location.
  • Store Creation. Turn an idea into a new store in 10 seconds. Experiment with new strategies and development environments by creating new stores and copying existing users and pre-installed first party apps from current stores.
  • Organization-level Flow. Save time and effort by automating repetitive tasks in your business. Build and manage Shopify Flow workflows from one central location and then share them with any store in your organization.
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