December 06, 2021

Support for .usdz 3D models as product media

Products can now accept 3D models in the .usdz format. Apps on iPhone that scan or create 3D models from photos will often output .usdz files and now you can add these to Shopify without converting to another format.

Regardless of what format you upload to Shopify, visitors on the web, Android, and iOS will all be able to view your 3D models on your storefront or in AR.

We've also increased the maximum file size for 3D models on the products from 15MB to 500MB. Models > 15MB will go through a new optimization process that will greatly reduce the filesize of the model (often to around 5MB). Optimized models deliver a fast experience to viewers on your storefront while attempting to retain all the detail of the original model.

You can learn more about these changes in the Shopify Help Center