December 06, 2022

Summarizing your store’s Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022 performance

With the conclusion of Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022, we’ve prepared a summary notebook in ShopifyQL Notebooks for reviewing your store’s performance this season.

This notebook makes use of new capabilities also now available in any new Notebook:

  • DURING, COMPARE TO keywords that allow you to compare data for named date ranges such as BFCM2022
  • Support for comments in ShopifyQL queries
  • Benchmarks dataset that contains benchmark numbers for average order value and online store conversion rates against merchants that are similar to your store
  • Support for LiquidJS filters to create dynamic content that references output from code blocks in text blocks
  • Glimpse into operational data when referencing "order id" and "product id" fields

How can I start using ShopifyQL Notebooks?
Go to the ShopifyQL Notebooks app store listing, click “Add app” and follow the instructions to install.

How do I access the 2022 Black Friday Cyber Monday summary?
Once installed, the summary is available in the ShopifyQL Notebooks index as “2022 Black Friday Cyber Monday summary”

Where can I get help?
Learn more about how the ShopifyQL Notebooks app works in the Shopify Help Center.