September 01, 2023

Standard Shipping now available for Markets Pro!

Markets Pro has expanded its carrier options to include standard international shipping via DHL eCommerce. Markets Pro merchants now have access to DHL eCommerce at label purchase.

Fulfillment change: USPS first-mile
For orders using a DHL eCommerce label, USPS provides first-mile domestic service, meaning USPS will take your parcels to a DHL hub before they get shipped cross-border. If USPS already does pick-ups from your warehouse, USPS can pick up the DHL eCommerce packages together with any other domestic packages you may have. Otherwise, you'll need to drop off the DHL eCommerce orders to a US post office to begin delivery.

DHL Express labels will continue to fulfill through your current process.

For more information on shipping with Shopify Markets Pro, please refer to Shopify Help Center, here.

Configuring rates:
It is recommended that if you are interested in fulfilling with DHL eCommerce, you configure the new rate in your settings; this way buyers see the rate at checkout and can signal whether express or standard shipping service is preferred. You may set up DHL eCommerce as a flat rate with transit time or a carrier calculated rate under International Standard Shipping. Rates are configured by market. Please note that any custom flat rates will be fulfilled as DHL Express for Markets Pro orders.

For more information on configuring shipping rates, please refer to Shopify Help Center, here.