April 06, 2020

Simple, clear, and accurate US sales tax setup

Collecting sales taxes in the United States 🇺🇸 has gotten easier. Tell Shopify where you’re registered for sales taxes, and Shopify automatically determines the tax to collect on orders.

The following details apply to this update:
- Rounding on orders is now at the line level.
- Adding a location no longer automatically turns on tax collection for the state where the location is located.
- Tax overrides are applicable at a state level only, allowing you to easily exempt products that shouldn’t be taxed.
- Add registrations for states where you don’t have a location but where you have an economic nexus.
- Select between destination and hybrid origin sales tax in California.

This feature is available to most merchants selling within the United States. Learn more about US Tax Registrations from the Shopify Help Center.