January 23, 2023

Shopify scales to 1,000 locations

We are continuing to improve the ways in which merchants can grow and operate at scale with Shopify. Available now, merchants can add, edit and manage 1,000 locations.

New updates include:

Improvements to the user experience so that merchants with many locations can find the location they’re looking for in key workflows.

  • Consolidated location selector in Admin that scales to 1,000+ locations
  • Added location search, sort, and filtering to POS app
  • Added search, pagination, sorting, and filtering in key workflows in POS channel

Performance improvements in Admin for key workflows related to locations across product creation, stocking inventory, delivery settings, order routing.

Improvements to APIs powering key use cases for merchants with 1,000+ locations including Shipping, Storefront, Ship-to-home, REST, and APIs powering POS channel.

Learn more about setting up locations from the Shopify Help Center