March 10, 2022

Shopify Flow “Wait” step now has a maximum duration of 30 days

Shopify Flow is currently only available to Shopify Plus customers.

Wait Step in Flow

You can use a Wait step in Shopify Flow to force a workflow to wait for a set amount of time (as short as 1s and up to 30 days).

Common use cases for the Wait step include:
* Automatically hide a product after 30 days have passed since adding it to the store
* If an order has not been fulfilled after 7 days, notify staff
* If a medium-risk order has not been reviewed after 6 hours, add a tag
* Delay a workflow for 10 min, before adding a tag, so that 3p tagging apps can finish first, to prevent a “race condition”.
* Delay a workflow 1 day to wait for UTM parameters to be available in the workflow

Learn more about how the Wait step works in the Shopify Help Center.