March 05, 2024

Shopify Flow - Retry workflows

You can now retry workflows from the Flow app. To use retry, go to any workflow run page and choose the Retry button.

Single retry

You can also bulk retry workflows by opening a workflow, going to the workflow run list and selecting multiple runs. You will see a new "Retry runs" option.

Bulk retry

How it works
When you retry, Flow will use the current active version of the workflow. It will use the data present in the original trigger, such as a resource ID (like a product ID). Any data that is retrieved by Flow will be retrieved again during the Retry. For example, if you check the product title in a condition, that data will be retrieved again. If it changed since the original run, you will see the updated information in the workflow.

Retrying workflows is useful in a few scenarios, including:

The workflow ran but did not have the desired effect due to a configuration or data error
You are building a new workflow and want to run with the same test data

For more information about how it works, go to the documentation. For questions and feedback, you can post to the Shopify community.