June 22, 2022

Shopify Flow now available in the Shopify plan

Shopify Flow is now available in the Shopify plan and up (including Advanced plan and Shopify Plus plan).

What is Shopify Flow?

Shopify Flow is an ecommerce automation solution that lets you build workflows to automate tasks, campaigns, and processes within your store. It also lets you connect your existing apps and tools together, for even more workflow possibilities. Flow automations give you the power to build the custom solutions that your business needs to scale. Check out this video for a quick Flow overview.

What are some workflow automation examples?

Flow automations can take a host of different forms like tagging customers for segmentation and marketing, hiding products and initiating reorder emails for low or out of stock items, kicking off winback and post-purchase SMS/email campaigns, or tracking and halting high-risk orders. With each workflow, the goal is the same: to let you build the custom workflow that your business needs.

How can I start using Flow?

Go to Flow’s app store listing, click “Add app” and follow the installation instructions to install.

Where can I get help?

Learn more about how the Flow works in the Shopify Help Center.