January 10, 2023

Shopify Flow - New Scheduled time trigger, Get data actions, and tools for working with lists available

Starting today, Flow has begun the rollout of a new set of features to the Shopify Plus and Advanced plans. These features will be fully rolled out over the next few weeks.

With these new features, you can schedule workflows to run at a specific time and date, without needing a commerce event to kick things off. You can also leverage the new get data action, to fetch specific Shopify data needed for daily reports (up to 100 per workflow).

Workflow that gets chargebacks and tags customer

With these new Flow capabilities, you can build many new types of workflows. When you gain access to the new features, check out the template library for examples on how to:
* Every day, get a summary of orders older than 2 days that are unfulfilled
* Use tags to segment customers based on their orders for last 6 months
* Every hour, get orders with chargebacks and tag the customer
* Every day, get products that are out of stock and send a summary email
* Cancel orders if customer placed too many orders today
* Hold orders if customer placed more than 1 order in last 24 hours
* Remove new product tag 90 days after product was created

Learn more about how the new triggers and actions work here:

  • Scheduled time trigger - run workflows up to once per hour or at a set day in the future
  • For each action - Loop over lists of data (from Get data) to check conditions or repeatedly call actions
  • Count action - count the number of items in a list
  • Sum action - sum the values for single field across all items in a list

Get data actions - Get data by querying your shop:
* Get collection data
* Get customer data
* Get draft order data
* Get order data
* Get product data