September 20, 2023

Shopify Flow - New Log output action

You can now use a new task in Flow, a Log output action.

The action allows you display the value of variables in the workflow run log, without taking action in the workflow (like in a Send Internal Email action). For example, to see the status of a product, you might use {{ product.status }} in the workflow, which would output the text Active.

In this example, the value of a metaobject entry is outputted:
showing text output of a metaobject

* The action does not attempt to interpret the output, so HTML tags are rendered as tags. For example: <p>{{ customer.firstName }}</p> would render as <p>John</p> and not John.
* Spaces and white space as shown as white space. To see if blanks have been added, you can select the text on the run page.