August 01, 2023

Shopify Credit

New product release:
On July 26 we released Shopify Credit for eligible US merchants. Merchants use credit cards to manage their day-to-day working capital, smooth their cash flow, and maximize rewards and cash back. That’s why we built Shopify Credit, a pay in full business credit card that extends a credit line to eligible merchants. It has no fees, interest or credit checks, and gives you cashback rewards on key spending categories.

Eligible merchants can apply with no impact to their credit score, use their Shopify Credit card to pay wherever Visa® is accepted, and accrue cashback rewards that are automatically applied to their account as a statement credit each month without paying fees or interest.

At this time, Shopify Credit is not available to merchants with active Shopify Capital financings and active Shopify Credit merchants do not qualify for Shopify Capital. Our team is dedicated to making this possible in the near future and provide greater flexibility to Shopify merchants.

Benefits of Shopify Credit:
* No fees, no interest - period
* Get chashback rewards designed for entepreneurs
* Get extra days to pay
* No personal credit checks or guarantors
* Free cards for every member of your team
* Enjoy Visa perks

Learn more about [Shopify Credit] on Shopify Help Center.