March 25, 2024

Shopify Collective product error state & recommended actions now visible to Retailers

Retailers now have the ability to easily identify the status of each product across various sections, including the "Suppliers" tab and individual connections, with a specific focus on highlighting unsellable products.

Within each connection, there is a new "Errors" tab that houses products that are active on the retailer's sales channels, but currently have errors making them unsellable. These products display an alert icon with a recommended action.

The "Imported" tab has also been improved so that any unsellable products in this list display the alert icon and recommended action. Bulk actions and an "Errors" filter are available on both the "Imported" and "Errors" tabs to help facilitate the recommended actions.

The product state messages are:

  • Daily variant limit reached
  • Variant limit exceeded
  • Supplier unpublished product
  • Supplier removed product access
  • Supplier deleted product

Depending on the error type, Retailers may need to contact the Supplier, review variant limits, or remove out-of-stock products from their store. These actionable recommendations aim to guide Retailers in resolving issues promptly.

Retailers will now receive weekly emails highlighting unsellable products that require immediate attention, ensuring Retailers stay informed and can take necessary actions.