August 16, 2022

Shopify Collabs launches to help merchants connect with creators

As of August 16, 2022, Dovetale and all of its features are embedded right into your Shopify admin as Shopify Collabs. Here’s what’s new in the upgraded experience:

  1. New name and new look.
  2. Access through Shopify admin, login with Shopify credentials.
  3. Team members require Shopify staff accounts for access.
  4. All communication through email tied to your Shopify store.
  5. Creators can discover you through Shopify and apply for partnership.
  6. Your application page has a new URL. Old link will redirect automatically.

More details on the changes:

1. Name and look. Dovetale as a stand-alone platform is being sunset. All the features that used to be part of the platform are migrated into Shopify and will be known as Shopify Collabs. Former Dovetale will now look similar to the rest of Shopify admin.

2. Shopify login. You used to have a separate login for Dovetale and as of Aug 16, 2022, you’ll need your Shopify login to access Shopify Collabs. You can access it from the admin, in the left-hand panel, once you install the Shopify Collabs app.

3. Staff accounts. Dovetale had a team manager where you could add team members to manage your creator partnerships. In Shopify Collabs, you’ll need to issue a staff account for every team member to grant them access. Here’s how to invite staff members into Shopify.

4. Shopify email. Dovetale used your login email for notifications and information about your account. Shopify Collabs will send all communication through the email tied to your Shopify Store.

5. Creator discovery. The fun part! With Dovetale, you needed to manually share your application page to get creators to apply to you. Shopify Collabs has a separate platform for creators where they can discover brands and apply for partnership. If you would like to opt out of this feature and not be listed on the discovery platform for creators, contact Shopify support.

6. New page link. Your application page for creators will move from to The new URL will be applied to your page automatically and all the old links you have posted will redirect to the new page. No action is required on your part.