April 06, 2023

Shopify Collabs is now integrated with Flow

Shopify Collabs now integrates with Flow allowing you to automate your most repetitive Collabs tasks with ready-made workflow templates. You can also build custom flows using Collabs specific triggers and actions.

Ready made templates include:
* Automatically approve an applicant
* Export accepted creators to Klaviyo
* Follow-up on a gift
* Congratulations on first sale

Turn on a ready made template by:
1. Open Shopify Collabs
2. Go to Settings
3. Under Integrations, turn on a ready-made Shopify Flow template.

Shopify Flow is available to merchants that subscribe to the Shopify Plus, Advanced, or Shopify plans and merchants that use the Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN).

Learn more about this integration in the Shopify Help Center.