March 20, 2024

Self-serve unblocking Markets Pro payouts

We're improving our Markets Pro payouts communication by providing guidance on how you can unblock a stuck payout.

Because Markets Pro uses a Merchant of Record for international sales, payouts are different from domestic orders.

Before this update, if your order required an action to unblock a payout you had to contact support. Now, if a payout is blocked, you will be notified by a link in your Shopify admin which will take you to your Orders page. From there, you can view a filtered list of any blocked Markets Pro orders. If you click an individual order, you can view a banner with instructions you can follow to release the payout.

You can also identify any blocked payouts proactively in Finances / Payouts / Transactions where the payout status will read: Action Required. This status will become Pending after you have released the payout and there is a scheduled payout date.

After the payout is released, it will be processed and delivered to you on the 1, 8, 15, or 22 of the month. It must meet the criteria of being fulfilled, having a tracking number, and being scanned by the carrier.

Learn more about getting paid for Shopify Markets Pro orders on the Shopify Help Center.