October 21, 2021

Quickly resolve order and inventory issues with the new SFN app Overview page

The Overview tab now displays the most important fulfillment information up front: your inventory levels across fulfillment centers, any products that have low stock, and pending issues that need your attention.

The updated view will be visible for all SFN merchants. You can log in to your SFN app or watch this video walkthrough to learn about these changes.

  • The Tasks section displays pending issues that need your attention. These issues can include held fulfillment requests, inbound transfers without tracking information, and special projects that need your approval.
  • Open Fulfillment Requests displays a breakdown of the shipments that are in progress, on hold, or have out-of-stock inventory.
  • The Inbound Transfers section provides details on upcoming and recent inventory shipments. Upload tracking information for every transfer to help ensure that your inventory is received quickly. If any of your inbound transfers are missing tracking, that transfer will display an Add tracking label.
  • Inventory Overview displays the total products that you have in the network. You can also learn which products are in low stock and currently arriving. To display the products in each category, click the icon in each category.