April 25, 2023

Product details page improvements

The new organizational updates to the Product page give associates quick access to precise information like identifiers, inventory, and specifications, helping them answer customer questions and helping customers make informed buying decisions.

New split view for tablets
The new split screen view for tablets improves the amount of information scannable within a single view by allowing staff to view multiple product identifiers and inventory details within a single view.

New image viewing gestures
New touch-based viewing gestures scale product images to make it easier for

Consolidated product specifications
Vendor and Organization are now consolidated into a single row and expand out to drill deeper into details. Viewing pricing information now displays the price, tax exemption status and compare-at-price.

Apps are now better represented within a dedicated section in the list view with additional details like their app icon and subtitle.

Rich text product descriptions
Product descriptions now expand into a full view that supports plain text for basic details or rich text formatting for advanced elements like headers, lists, images, or tables.

Fixed Add to cart button
When scrolling through Product details, the Add to cart button now flows with the cart bar fixing it in place to prevent unnecessary scrolling when searching for item details.