April 27, 2023

Pay Shopify Collabs creators automatically through your Shopify bill

Automatic Payments helps you save valuable time and resources by offering a reliable and consistent payment processing system for commissions earned by creators. For creators you work with, they will need to activate Automatic Payouts and can receive their payouts via PayPal or bank transfer.

The way you pay commission to creators depends on when you've installed Shopify Collabs:

  • If you installed Shopify Collabs after April 27, 2023, then commissions are processed through automatic payments.
  • If you joined before April 27, 2023, commissions may be processed through manual payments. You can switch to automatic payments at any time in the Collabs app by clicking on Payments.

Here are the benefits you unlock with Automatic Payments:

  • Save time by paying creator commission automatically. Removing the need for manual payment processing.
  • Full order refunds are tracked automatically (up to 30 days after a creator refers a sale). Commissions previously earned by creators are adjusted accordingly if the order is refunded or canceled.
  • You’re still in complete control of your payments. You have 30 days to pause any commission payment you want to dispute after an affiliate commission is earned by a creator.
  • Payments are added and processed with the safety and security of your regular Shopify bill.
  • Creators will have more transparent and clear updates in their Collabs accounts for how much and when they will be paid–reducing support.

Learn more about Automatic Payments in the Shopify Help Center.