November 01, 2022

Now Launched: ShopifyQL Notebooks App

ShopifyQL Notebooks, available for all Plus merchants, help you bring together metrics from different business domains so you can explore, visualize and analyze shop data to make better business decisions. Your data exploration is guided by ShopifyQL - an intelligent query language that has commerce syntax built into it. You can now write simple queries to quickly get access to data and add business context via images or text, all within a single interface.

Visualize and analyze shop data with a powerful query editor.
Get to answers quickly, using a query language built with commerce syntax
Combine data from multiple business domains or dive deep into a single domain
Everything you need to write your own data story - fresh data, text & visualizations
Use the presentation mode to share your data story with business stakeholders

How can I start using ShopifyQL Notebooks?
Go to the ShopifyQL Notebooks app store listing, click “Add app” and follow the instructions to install.

Where can I get help?
Learn more about how the ShopifyQL Notebooks app works in the Shopify Help Center.