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New versions of Narrative theme available 📖

We've released versions 7.0.0 and 6.0.7 of our free Narrative theme for Shopify online stores.

Narrative 7.0.0 includes the new language options, and new slideshow features:

  • Slide height options, including Adapt to first slide, which automatically adapts the slideshow to fit the image in the first slide
  • Add a unique label to buttons on slides, instead of one button label for the whole slideshow

It also adds a button to pause and play the background video on desktop.

Learn more about Shopify's Narrative theme from the Shopify Help Center.

With version 6.0.7, we've added theme translations for your online store in the following languages: Finnish, Hindi, Malay, Norwegian, and Swedish.

Learn more about selecting a language for your theme from the Shopify Help Center.

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