February 03, 2023

New updates to ShopifyQL Notebooks

ShopifyQL Notebooks now offers referencing with Liquid, block reordering, saved previous state, and a "run all" button for efficient data storytelling.

  • Referencing in ShopifyQL Notebooks allows users to create dynamic data stories using Liquid, Shopify’s templating language. A text block now provides easier functionality to create a reference to a data element from a ShopifyQL code block. Liquid code can be used to create conditional logic using tags and filters. Due to updates in referencing logic, previous duplications of the BFCM Summary Notebook will need to be re-created (or re-duplicated after this update)
  • Merchants can now reorder blocks by dragging and dropping, or through the use of a dialog at the top of each notebook, enabling easier construction of data stories.
  • Saved previous state: When loading a ShopifyQL Notebook, users will be presented with the code and text blocks in their previously run state. This can be useful for reviewing previous work and quickly loading a notebook to present without having to worry about how long it may take to execute all the query blocks. A new run all button can be used to run every block in the Notebook if needed.

How can I start using ShopifyQL Notebooks?
Go to the ShopifyQL Notebooks app store listing, click “Add app” and follow the instructions to install.

Where can I get help?
Learn more about how the ShopifyQL Notebooks app works in the Shopify Help Center.