January 31, 2024

New Shopify features and developer tools now available on Hydrogen

Headless development on Shopify is now easier than ever, with more Shopify features available on Hydrogen, and new developer tools that make the path to production seamless.

  • New tools that make your path to production painless, refreshed docs, and a new suite of examples to power up your team’s development cycles with Hydrogen.
  • The Customer Privacy API enables Shopify’s consent management platform on your Hydrogen storefront, for data protection compliance support and enhanced customer trust.
  • Build authenticated experiences across platforms with access to the Customer Account API — now in stable release. Manage customer authentication directly from the Headless or Hydrogen channels in the Shopify admin.
  • Tap into Shopify’s APIs to build bespoke headless B2B storefronts, using your preferred tech stack and the tools you already use and love.

Learn more about our latest release in detail.