October 30, 2023

New POS UI extensions activation in admin

The Smart Grid is a powerful tool that allows merchants to customize Shopify POS to meet their specific business needs. You can add, remove or rearrange tiles for products, discounts, and more.

But Shopify POS isn’t just software with great out-of-the-box solutions. It’s a flexible, extensible platform where third-party apps and native functionalities seamlessly come together to help merchants build a custom, immersive in-person selling tool.

Adding app UI extension tiles to the Smart Grid enables staff to access third-party business tool functionalities in Shopify POS faster than ever.

Now, the new Extensions settings in the POS sales channel will help you streamline POS UI extension activation and management across your store locations.

This new Extensions setting allows you to add and remove third-party app POS UI extensions to the Smart Grid from Shopify admin, ensuring a consistent Smart Grid experience and reducing the time required to manage multiple app extensions across multiple store locations.

Learn more about POS UI extensions in the Help Center.