February 09, 2023

More granular staff permissions for Products

Previously there was one Products permission that gated staff access to product data. That single permission gave staff view, create, edit, and delete permissions. Now there are 10 new, more granular staff permissions: View products, View cost, Create and edit products, Edit cost, Edit price, Manage inventory, Delete products and collections, View catalogs (price lists), Create and edit catalogs, and Delete catalogs.

The View products permission gives read-only access and allows merchants to make product data accessible to staff without the concern of data being accidentally modified. Merchants can assign specific permissions to staff members with different responsibilities. For example, merchandising (the Create and edit products permission) versus inventory management (the Manage inventory permission). Last but not least, merchants can have better control over access to sensitive data such as cost and price.

All existing staff members who have previously been given the singular Products permission will automatically have all the new permissions selected by default to ensure backward compatibility. Merchants have the option to select (or unselect) a subset of these permissions when more granular access control is needed.

Learn more about these new permissions in the Shopify Help Center.