October 28, 2023

Markets Pro - Shipping Label Price Adjustments

On October 22, we will release shipping label price adjustments for Markets Pro labels. Merchants will see shipping label price adjustments in their Payouts moving forward, with details available in Order timeline events.

A shipping label price adjustment occurs when you purchase a shipping label and the shipping carrier determines that you've provided inaccurate information that results in an incorrect shipping label price. After you ship your order, the correct shipping label price is verified by the shipping carrier. If you paid an incorrect amount to ship the order, then your carrier credits or debits you the difference. Your package might still be delivered when there is an adjustment.

Price adjustments are a standard industry practice and most shipping carriers follow this standard. To avoid price adjustments, verify that you are entering the correct information when you are purchasing a shipping label.

Due to shipping carrier processing times, it's not uncommon for there to be a delay between when you purchase the shipping label and when you receive the charge or credit for a price adjustment.

Learn more about Markets Pro shipping label price adjustments in the Shopify Help Center