September 28, 2023

Markets Pro now supports orders marked as paid

On Thursday September 28, Markets Pro orders with payment collected via mark as paid will now be supported. Markets Pro will be the merchant of record service on these orders, excluding order with zero value total. Orders with zero value total will continue to require merchant of record to be the store in order for the order to be fulfillable.

Merchants can use the Mark as Paid feature to ship orders free-of-charge to their customers. Merchants should complete the draft order with the product(s) at full price and then mark the order as paid. By maintaining product(s) pricing in the order, Markets Pro can create accurate customs invoice documentation and duties and import tax values. Merchants will be responsible for the duties-pre-paid label cost and any applicable duties and taxes on the order.

Before, marking a Markets Pro order as paid would cause the merchant of record to change to the store. Now, merchants can continue having Markets Pro as the merchant of record service on these orders too.