January 22, 2021

Local delivery now supports cross-state deliveries, multiple zones, and customized pricing conditions

We’ve recently updated local delivery to give you more flexible options when it comes to setting your delivery zones and creating your pricing conditions.

Local-delivery now supports cross-states (or cross-regions). By default, local deliveries are restricted to the location state/region. Now, you can configure local delivery based on distance, so that you can enable this service for adjacent states and regions.

Multiple delivery zones are also now available for local delivery. You can create up to five delivery zones, allowing you to reach a wider base of local delivery customers. These zones can be created either using select postal codes or a delivery radius. Additionally, you can create one or more custom pricing conditions within each zone based on order value or delivery distance. The buyer will see the cheapest delivery fee that is relevant to them at checkout based on their location and cart price.

Learn more about local delivery from the Shopify Help Center.