April 13, 2022

Keep your inventory accurate from anywhere with committed quantities and inventory adjustments on the Shopify mobile app

Shopify mobile app now includes Committed inventory quantities to provide a more accurate foundation to your inventory management.

Committed inventory describes inventory committed to an order that has not yet been fulfilled. This new Committed inventory state provides a more accurate reflection of your inventory count by adding visibility to inventory that has been sold and is on hand, but has been committed to an order.

committed inventory

We’ve also added inventory adjustment reasons to the mobile app to allow you to adjust quantities, and track changes to your inventory on the go.

You can now provide reasons for adjusting your inventory like “damaged” or “returned”, which aids in reporting accuracy, and helps you to take control of non-sellable inventory due to damage and other reasons. You'll be able to view these inventory changes in the Shopify mobile app under a products adjustment history.

inventory adjustment

Learn more about committed inventory and inventory states and inventory adjustments from the Shopify Help Centre.