September 14, 2022

Inventory states in POS

Inventory is always on the move but inventory states will help you to understand where your products are. They are designed to provide quick contextual insights into your inventory in a convenient place when making a sale.

Available now, in addition to showing Available inventory, Shopify POS will also display Incoming and Committed inventory for a store location, just like you see in Shopify Admin. We’ve also made a few minor content and visual changes to inventory indicators so that staff can quickly and easily see which products are sold out and might be available elsewhere. Inventory states can reduce unintended overselling, inform selling decisions in store and provide insight into where your inventory is physically and if it can be sold.

What is the Incoming state?
The Incoming state is inventory that is in transit on a transfer or partially received. If you have entered the expected arrival date and the tracking number in Admin, this will also display in POS.

What is the Committed state?
The Committed state is inventory that has been sold or paid for but has not yet been fulfilled. Having visibility into what stock is available for sale and how much is committed to orders can help keep your inventory accurate.

To see committed state for a product in Shopify admin, create an order in Shopify admin that is paid for but not yet fulfilled. Visit the product detail page in Shopify POS to see the committed orders for that product.

Learn more about the new inventory states in POS in the Shopify Help Center.