October 12, 2022

Introducing Shopify Tax

Managing US sales tax is complicated, which is why we’re committed to making it better. Shopify Tax is bringing brand new features to your admin that will make it easier to collect the right amounts at the right time, and know where your business is liable.


Rooftop accuracy

Shopify deciphers the more than 11,000 US sales tax jurisdictions and applies the right rate at checkout based on your buyer’s precise address.

Smart categorization

Is a ? a sandwich? As a society, we may never be able to agree on the answer, but at Shopify, we can help you categorize your hotdog for tax purposes. Shopify helps you by suggesting the proper category for your products and then automatically applies the right tax rate based on local rules. Manual tax overrides will soon be a thing of the past.

Available now

Sales tax insights

Know where you’re liable with a state-by-state overview of your tax obligations. Sales tax insights analyzes your store’s sales and compares it to state-level nexus requirements to let you know where you may be required to collect tax.

Learn more

Shopify Tax is currently being released to all Shopify stores that sell within the United States. Merchants using registration-based taxes in the US will automatically receive these enhancements in the coming weeks. Read about our commitment to help you manage sales tax on the Shopify Blog, and learn more about these new features in the Shopify Help Center.